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  • Millets are highly nutritious and non-glutinous
  • The unusual colour makes black rice very popular for exotic desserts
  • This grain is low in fat, rich in fibber, full of protein and antioxidants, with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Iron ensures that the body receives adequate oxygen by promoting the proper production of red blood cells

Totally contrasting to the usual pearly white variety of rice, this dark, inky rice surely looks mysterious. Also touted as the forbidden rice, the ancient Chinese medicine speaks of it being an elixir and the modern nutritionist has attributed this rice as a super food. This rice is dark in color and takes a dark purplish color after cooking. Besides the enticing look, it is a whole grain with slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Stimulate your taste buds, take a step closer to healthier lifestyle with this authentic black rice in Banglore.

The rare and exotic varieties grown in small pockets of Burma (Myanmar) and India. Black rice is rich in minerals, high in dietary fiber and has.

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